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You are visiting page Home of the official website of the OCH CHARITY, this charity currently has more than 170 thousand active members. OCH is also one of the largest Home-related charities and aid organizations in the world.

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About Charity

Charity is a voluntary action to help the needy, the service of a charity is based on humanitarian behavior and providing humanitarian aid without the motivation of personal gain. There are a number of philosophies about charity that are often associated with religion. As one of the oldest charitable organizations, OCH always seeks to find the most effective ways to help others.

Kinds of Charity

Most charities provide basic needs such as food, water, clothing, health care, and shelter, but other actions may be done as charity, such as: freeing prisoners or caring for the elderly, supporting orphaned children, helping in The matter of education and…

Institutions have evolved to help the poor, which are called charities. Today, charities provide a major part of charitable and humanitarian aid in cash. These aids include orphanages, food distribution warehouses, religious places, care centers for orphaned children, hospitals and medical and health centers, etc.

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